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iSAAY offers women's clothing, shoes and accessories from top designers in fashion. iSAAY has an edge over competitors with the combination of high-end designers and interactive website technology. The modern clothing is accented by a trendy website and great variety of accessories! Company headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Leading fashion designers featured at iSAAY include:

Several more designers are also available at iSAAY. Great choices for women!

The modern clothes at iSAAY are divided into nine categories:

Consumers can search for clothing on the website by category, size, color, or by designer name. In addition to clothing, iSAAY also offers:

  • Shoes
    • Sandals, mid heels, high heels, boots, rain boots, and more
  • Swimwear
    • One-piece, halter bikinis, bottoms, bandeau bikinis, coverups and more
  • Lingerie
    • Such as chemises, panties, and bras
  • Bags
    • Totes, travel bags, and shoulder bags are some of the options
  • Accessories
    • Such as watches, gloves, wallets and jewelry
  • Sale items
    • From all categories
  • New Arrivals
    • From all categories

iSAAY currently ships within the United States. International orders ARE accepted, although currently international orders have to be placed by Live Chat or by phone to customer service. iSAAY is preparing to launch the ability to request international shipment directly through its website order form.

iSAAY: What makes it different?

There are several ways that iSAAY is unique from other online fashion retailers:

  • International shipping. While many websites ship only to certain geographical areas, iSAAY places orders around the world.
  • At the electronic payment screen, there is a Guest Checkout option. Consumers do not have to create an account through the website to be able to order from iSAAY. Consumers who already have enough online accounts and wish to skip this step are able to do so. The majority of clothing retailers online require an account be created prior to shipment.
  • Sells lingerie in addition to clothing and accessories. Many websites sell either sleepwear or clothing items such as pants and shirts. Both categories are available on one website using iSAAY!
  • Great technological advances that enhance the consumer's shopping experience:
    • iSAAY has a Live Chat option for consumers to immediately interact with customer service personnel. While many electronics retailers online have this option, few fashion retailers have yet to add this communication option.
    • Clicking on a clothing item takes consumers to "Quick View". a magnifying glass lets shoppers see each part of the piece up close and from various angles. 
  • Gift wrap and message service can be added to order at time of electronic purchase. Few competitors have this option to personalize orders. As well, gift cards can be purchased on the website.
iSAAY vs. primary competitors (sites similar to iSAAY)

Leading fashion retailers that compete with iSAAY are Giglio, Tessabit Stores UK, and Donna Ida.

Pros of Giglio are:

  • Sells Versace and Valentino; iSAAY does not sell items by these designers.
  • Offers clothing for men and children in addition to women. iSAAY focuses on women's items.
  • Consumers can place international orders directly through the Giglio website; iSAAY currently requires international orders be placed by phone or by Live Chat (although this method is set to improve soon).

Cons of Giglio are:

  • US consumers are charged a shipping fee, as Giglio's headquarters are in Italy. iSAAY provides free shipping both ways for consumers who reside in the US.
  • Does not have a Sale section. iSAAY has a section devoted to discounted items. There are currently 379 sale items!
  • Consumers do not have the ability to search Giglio clothing by size; at iSAAY, size is one of the convenient search filters.

For Tessabit Stores UK, pros are:

  • Offers clothing, accessories and shoes for both women and men. iSAAY does not offer products for men.
  • Worldwide shipping straight through its website.
  • Consumers can modify country and currency for Tessabit Stores website, according to preference. iSAAY does not provide these options.

Cons of Tessabit Stores UK are:

  • Does not carry sleepwear; iSAAY does carry sleepwear and other lingerie items.
  • Does not offer gift cards; iSAAY does have gift cards available online.
  • Smaller selection of purses than at iSAAY.

For Donna Ida, pros are:

  • Specializes in denim for women; a great website for women looking for denim clothing. iSAAY sells denim but has less of a focus.
  • Denim clinic lets shoppers personalize their jeans; iSAAY provides fewer options for women with jeans they sell.
  • Charity work of Donna Ida is featured on its website; iSAAY does not mention any work with charities.

Cons of Donna Ida are:

  • Does not carry skirts, shorts, or swimwear; these items are sold at iSAAY.
  • Does not have the magnifier tool of iSAAY to see individual items at a closer angle prior to purchase.
  • There is no gift wrap feature available at Donna Ida; iSAAY provides this extra service at checkout.
iSAAY: Pricing & packages

Pricing at iSAAY is more expensive than average because of the designer labels. Examples of current prices are:

There are great sale items in each category and arranged in the Sale section at iSAAY. Current sales include:

Clothing prices at iSAAY are quite comparable to Giglio. Giglio, however, does not have a specific Sale section to easily find reduced items. Consumers looking to find designer clothing at discounted prices will enjoy iSAAY's large Sale section!

iSAAY: Product images & screenshots
iSAAY Coupons
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iSAAY: Customer reviews & comments

There are several positive customer reviews for iSAAY on the Web. Here are examples of reviews from online customers:

  • "Completely satisfied. The shoes are beautiful. Thanks!"

Consumer "JohnBoy" writes that he saved money at iSAAY on shoes he ordered for his wife:

  • "I found a great deal on these sorel boots for my wife, although the winter is almost done they will be great for next year and saved a lot of money which helps on a family budget plus free shipping I will definitely keep shopping here."

"Jazz" writes that shipping was fast and price was great for her iSAAY order:

  • "I appreciated how quickly my order was processed and shipped, in addition to snagging a bunch of stuff that I normally wouldn't have luck getting at an amazing price."

iSAAY has been a BBB Accredited business since 2010.

Best Available iSAAY Coupon:
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Get Extra 40% Off + Free Shipping(Including UGG Items & up to 70% Of Sale Items) @ iSAAY
Get 30% Off Uggs @ iSAAY
Get $25 Off Orders $250 or More @ iSAAY